Pilates for Children

DPI 283The Pilates for Children training programme teaches the fundamentals of Pilates and is a great way  to introduce children to the many benefits of Pilates, from an early age. The programme also provides an invaluable refresher of the fundamental movements and principles of Pilates for even the most experienced student and teacher.


Pilates should never hurt or be painful. Never ask the child to work through  pain. Know how to modify all exercises  when they show or experience pain. Watch them carefully, learn to recognise the difference and work within the child’s limits, and your own.


Pilates isn’t just about attaining body shape. It’s a tool for everyday living – a lifestyle choice. By teaching Pilates to children, you’ll be influencing eager young minds to integrate healthy choices in their lifestyle. What they learn on the mat has an impact off the mat, enabling the child to move through everyday experiences with more grace, balance and ease.

Pilates can be practiced in conduction with other sports for a healthy, all-round approach to physical well-being. Remember to teach the children how to use the principles of Pilates as a tool throughout their day, everyday. They will soon learn the vital skills and mindset for achieving a lifetime of good health and fitness.

DPI 295Why Pilates for children

  • Wonderful opportunity  for parents and teachers to use as a tool  for learning in a fun way
  • Incorporates movement, listening skills and concentration
  • Improves strength and flexibility
  • Mental pathways are strengthened through control of movement
  • A body conditioning program which enables SAFE weight management for children
  • Builds self-esteem
  • Enhances balance and co-ordination
  • Enhances other activities that children may enjoy

DPI 274Objectives

  • We aim to improve the physical and mental fitness of children through the Pilates concept.
  • We will teach the muscles to work in harmony with each other rather than isolating them or allowing them to work solo. This ensures better stability, balance and muscle control/endurance – vital everyday living.
  • Our training ensures that children learn the mind-body connection through the use of fun games while exercising.
  • They will improve physical strength and mental toughness.
  • Conventional training generally uses a stable surface for exercise, whereas our training includes unstable surfaces to encourage the body to work harder, improving balance, control and stability.
  • Our programme includes closed kinetic chain exercises in which one limb is in a fixed position and in contact with the surface. These closed chain exercises ensure faster results, with more power, strength, balance and stability.
  • Developing core strength is a powerful foundation for the child’s legs and arms, making movement more forceful and efficient for all sporting activities.
  • We teach proper posture and balance while performing core exercises.
  • Progression is taught as well as all modifications.
  • Each exercise is done with specific breathing to teach full and efficient use of the lungs and to get maximum benefit out of all exercises.
  • Children will learn  that Pilates can make a difference in controlling mood swings and help to ground and center themselves.
  • Help balance fluctuating hormones, elevate the spine and improves oxygen level in a child’s body.
  • Increases functional strength, flexibility and balances hormones.


Module 1: Ages 5 – 7

Module 2: Ages 8 – 10

Module 3: 10 – 12

Pilates For Children
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If you want to get deeper and more practical knowledge about Pilates Exercises for Children, check out the Pilates For Children Book

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    Classical Pilates preserves the original method as taught by Joseph Pilates. This applies not only to movement standards but also the fundamental qualities he embraced: devotion, humility, passion, individuality and artfulness.


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