Reformat Pilates Manual


Mat based work, which was devised by Joseph Pilates in order for movements to be performed unassisted by mechanical means. Reformer based work which is performed with the use of a mat on tracks, aided with the use of ropes and pulleys.

Most unique about the Reformat exercises in this book is that the entire sequence has never been published before, and the book shows how the identical exercises can be performed on both mat and machine. It is based on Joseph Pilates’ original Reformer sequence and is the most difficult program yet devised.

The Reformat programme is and can also be used in all forms of physical rehabilitation by applying the exercises with selective modifications.

This book shows only one of the many forms of adaptation, which can be applied to the original workout sequence.




A comprehensive book on pilates used as a manual for pilates reformer teacher training. A pilates book for beginners as well as a book for instructors. All pilates reformer exercises are highlighted showing you how to do the reformer at home, as well as on a studio reformer.

The original pilates reformer routine can be done for private one on one sessions as well as for group classes too.

Here is the Preview to the book and a few pages to show you what’s inside

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