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Train in the art of pure, classical Pilates!

This comprehensive course will guide you through three defined levels of training to ensure authentic, complete Pilates education. Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced.

Your training will include utilising all the pilates equipment. Covering the mat, reformer, cadillac, chairs, pedi-pole, barrels and auxiliary apparatus. The Classical Pilates Program provides a solid foundation in the classical exercises, while delivering the tools necessary to progress individual clients and group classes safely and effectively.  The 600 hour (200 hours per level) Classical Pilates course prepares you to instruct a range of individual clients and group classes, and teaches you how to modify exercises for specific conditions.

Our three-level course allows you to progress at your own pace. An extensive Teacher Trainer Network also ensures support and opportunities for mentorships that empower students to become effective instructors and genuinely feel part of the Pilates community.

Students will receive extensive notes pertaining to each and every exercise as well the opportunity to practise and teach.

natasha 3 001Beginner:

Introduces students to the Pilates principles and fundamentals, Students learn to teach beginner exercises on the mat, reformer, chairs, small barrel, ladder barrel and cadillac.  Students also learn about transitions, cueing and hands on techniques. How to identify common errors, proper body alignment, and how to structure a Pilates session.


Building on the beginner foundation, students will add to their repertoire. Additional exercises on all the equipment as well as a deeper understanding as to why each exercise is performed.


Taking your stronger clients further, learn additional pilates routines on all the equipment.


High Chair
Wunda Chair
Baby Chair
Arm Weights
Jump Board
Wall Series
Small Barrel
Ladder Barrel


  • Basic – R 14 000
  • Intermediate – R 16 000
  • Advanced – R18 000
  • Final International certification R3 000

Fees are payable before commencing each level.

Once the advanced exam is passed, a fee of R 3 000 is charged for the international certification as a 3rd generation trainer. Cost for the Exercise Science Certification, Professional Indemnity and CPR Certification is for your own account and is not included in the fees quoted above.


natasha 2 001Since 2002 the Academy Directory has promoted traditional Pilates professionals who completed their comprehensive training with the most distinguished 1st and 2nd generation teacher trainers.

Over 1,400 instructors are listed in this unique database. There are no other directories in the world that promote as many accomplished traditional instructors with the highest standards of training and practice.

The Academy Directory helps the general public make informed decisions about where to begin or continue, Pilates training, as well as providing professionals with a respected network to expand your studio client base.

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