Pilates for Children


Pilates for Children is an amazing Manual written by Natasha Madel – Studio director and certified Pilates instructor. She received her certification from Romana Kryzanouska, disciple of Joseph Pilates and director of the Pilates Studio Teacher Program.


I wish I knew this training as an additional technique to advance my dance career!

If a dancer can’t perform a step, one automatically thinks, “I am just not strong enough to do it.” What looks like lack of strength in individual muscles may actually be inefficient technique such as poor alignment, imbalance, lack of flexibility, or improper movement initiation.

The point is, if you increase the strength of individual muscles without considering your whole body co-ordination, you cannot achieve better technique. So if you increase strength in a misaligned body, you will strengthen the misalignment.

And this is where Pilates fits in. Why not correct the problem at an early age? Conditioning the dancer as an athlete and as an artist is a mind-body exercise involving strength, balance, flexibility, alignment, and imagery. Training need to come together…. balanced while.. If the child is able to break the cycle of misaligned movements and strengthen proper ones, she can not only become more skilled, but also reduce the risk of injury.

Knowledge is power, so let us empower our children!



A children’s pilates exercise book for one on one pilates exercises  as well as group classes. A pilates kids book for instructors as well as for parents.

Here is the Preview to the “Pilates for Children Book” and a few pages to show you what’s inside

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