The New York Pilates

The Reformat Book

The book is divided into 3 chapters

  1. Basic
  2. Intermediate
  3. Advanced

It starts with the Basic program, the intermediate is an add on of the basic and the advanced is an add on to the intermediate.

There are two Pilates systems

  • Mat Pilates
    Mat based work, which was devised by Joseph Pilates in order for movements to
    be performed unassisted by mechanical means.
  • Reformer based work which is performed with the use of a mat on
    tracks, aided with the use of ropes and pulleys.

Most unique about the REFORMAT exercises in this book is that the entire sequence has never been published before, and the book shows how the identical exercises can be performed on mat and machine.

It is based on Joseph Pilates original Reformer sequence, and the hardest program yet devised.

The Reformat programme is and can also be used in all forms of physical rehabilitation by applying the exercises with selective modifications. This book shows only one of the many forms of adaption, which can be applied to the original workout sequence.

The “pure” Pilates that is used in this book “is about balance and control and is the most effective of all the exercise techniques yet designed, with testimony of so many others who have used the program with great success. This book presents the PURE PILATES elements one by one, in order for you to understand the benefits gained by doing the original Pilates Reformer workout on the mat.”

The programme is not only to tax professional athletes, but we are all subject to physical stress and we are all open to injury. The Pilates Method has proved its value in the restoration of strength and endurance, two of the prime goals of rehabilitative medicine.

The Pilates Method will change your body, and it will change your life. It is not a fad or the subject of a new fleeting cult. It is a system that has proved its value over the years, for suppleness, muscle tone, grace, and harmony of mind and body goes considerably beyond that of the average gym-goer.

BIOGRAPHY of the Author

Natasha Madel started off as a ballet dancer with PACT ballet company in Pretoria and on a visit to London in 1990 she gained her first training in Pilates. She went for further training in the system with Romana Kryzanowska, who was trained directly by Joseph Pilates himself, and is the director of the Pilates Studio New York.

Natasha is the only international New York Pilates trainer in South Africa.

Natasha is the studio Director of one of the largest fully equipped studios .The studio teaches the Pilates
Method in its original form on the equipment designed to the specifications of Joseph Pilates.

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