I am a second generation Pilates instructor trained by Romana Kryzanowska (first generation) who herself was trained by Joseph Pilates.

She, like me, tried to keep the method pure when training apprentices to become teachers.  Many other Pilates institutes have changed the method fundamentally away from Romana’s teachings of the “original” method.  In my opinion, the method I use ,maintains the standards of Mr Pilates’ original method.  It is more difficult than many current practitioners teach as it has not simplified or changed the exercises over the years.

I make sure that I preserve the method by ensuring students are certified on all original Pilates apparatus, encourage  them to be tactile with clients and do not teach various technical levels in a single lesson, hence  my practice I called “Classical Pilates”.

There are also many training centres you can find on the “Resources” page of www.ClassicalPilates.net which have produced 3rd generation instructors, who have all completed a comprehensive training  program (with accomplished 2nd generation teachers certified by Romana).

Romana instilled in each one of us: devotion, humility, passion, individuality, and artfulness.  We share the same values about preserving the original method.

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