Breath in Breathe out. How simple it sounds!!!

We think we are breathing efficiently until we are in a situation that requires concentration than what do we do?       ……..  We forget to breath…… Sound familiar….

Stress is part of life; the breath is the primary stress modulator and stabilizer and within limits can be controlled both consciously and unconsciously.

The breath is the lead horse in the team of horses called the autonomic nervous system.

Breathing…deep breathing, in through the nose and out through the mouth, connects you with your core, this will have a profound effect on every aspect of your overall health and wellbeing. 

Physically – breathing sustains the natural metabolic process of the body.

Psychologically – breathing keeps the mind calm and focused.

When in corporate or business environments, we are stressed, and our breathing will vary considerable depending on the situation being faced and external influences like air-conditioning etc.   

Ask the question.  What drives me now and where do I want to go?

Mmmmm….. maybe it’s the golf course!  ah…. a sunrise filled with colour, bold reds, yellows and oranges, excitement and adventure, the call of the fish eagle call,  the sounds of the wide open spaces. Steaming cups of coffee washed down with ginger nuts.

Amazing, how your breathing changed and what about the quirky smile at the corner of your mouth,

Revel in the memories and your day will be an adventure.

Golf courses around the world are designed with precision and forethought, the utopia of tranquillity, with trees boldly lining fairways of adventure and discovery, magnetic hypnotic bunkers and ponds, the elusive beckoning greens, breathtaking views of sea or the African bush.

You arrive….ready…….full of excitement about the day, the game, life, those sneaky bunkers and ponds that are not going to interfere with the vision of your perfect swing straight down the fairway onto the green.

As you walk to the 1st Tee the vision fades, your breathing becomes erratic, your concern now is the  ball, your address position, the swing and your body, it’s incredible cellular memory not failing to remind you of past mishaps.      

STOP – Breathe in with a nice deep breath through the nose – all the way, fully expanding your lungs.  Pause. Breathe out gently and slowly through the mouth. Connect with your core.

The upper body will expand and relax, arms will relax, the muscles all the way down the back will relax. Arms should feel more comfortable and move more freely than before.

Remember your routine before every golf swing:

  • Get a comfortable distance behind the ball.
  • See your target, and in your mind, plan your perfectly executed shot.
  • While doing this, slowly and deeply inhale through the nose, gently exhale through your mouth
  • Now, approach your ball
  • Assume your address position
  • Look down at your ball, slowly and deeply inhale and exhale. Relax arms and soften the muscles in the upper body
  • Slowly inhale as you go into your backswing.
  • Slowly exhale at the top of the back swing, rotating further and continue to exhale as you move through your downswing and follow –through.

Develop your breathing pattern just as you would with any aspect of your golf swing.

Remember the question. What drives me and where do I want to go? ……. the next tee, the next swing, the adventure.

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