What is Pilates?
Joseph Pilates (1880-1967), pronounced “puh-lah-leez,” is the visionary behind this promising workout. The Pilates method is a total body-conditioning workout for both men and woman. It’s an intense, ongoing challenge blending Eastern and Western philosophies of physical and mental conditioning.

In the words of Joseph Pilates, The Prophecy:

in 10 sessions, you’ll feel the difference; in 20, you”ll see the difference; and in 30, you”ll have a whole new body

Joseph Pilates

“Pilates is an escape for me from the daily rush. It is the only time of the day that I concentrate on myself. I always feel good for the rest of the day after class and actually feel taller! Having three children (twins and two C-sections), I look forward to my classes, for both mental and physical conditioning.”

Wendy Poston

“After Two back surgeries, my physical therapist recommended Pilates. I have been exercising with Pilates for over a year now, and my back feels great.”

Judy Berndt

The Pilates workout changes how you feel about your own body. It increases your vitality, makes you feel years younger, and improves your posture while training those”flabby”muscles. Furthermore, the Pilates system eliminates most nagging back pain, and your sex life will improve because you will function better in those vital areas. Plus, you’ll LOVE your body.

Within every exercise, you’ll work on gaining flexibility, strength, and balance and co-ordination. Joseph Pilates’s dream was for everyone to join the movement, from basic to advance, from the injured to the super-fit, at any age and any level of ability.

Business Opportunity

Why is it so popular?

Suddenly, Pilates is everywhere, in trendy magazines and popular sitcoms. As a blockbuster new fitness, this discipline is being touted as the best workout for current lifestyle.

Opportunity to be part of this growing trend. What about embarking on an entrepreneurial venture that merges your personal passion, a healthy lifestyle, and a striving bottom line?

Become a studio owner.

As a studio owner you must realize that you will have to invest in time, energy and be completely dedicated to the business and the culture of the work. Do you love the various energies of the studio?

  • The clients
  • The teachers
  • The movements

Owner/Master Trainer

As a studio owner one does not have to be a master trainer. You will have to employ trainers to teach for you. Although teaching will vary from teacher to teacher and country to country, the core of the method remains the same. You must have a level of commitment to the method and especially those who will be teaching it. Every master instructor- a teacher with more than 15years experience- may teach a variation of the original exercise and have their own idea of how training should be structured, but there is always a high level in commitment.

Setup of studio and management of studio.

Not everyone makes a good teacher. Teaching takes dedication and thinking, which makes it fulfilling in the end. As a studio owner you don’t necessarily have to teach but the hardest task is to find good dedicated teachers who will be working for you.

  • Does teaching bring them joy?
  • Can they share what they have learned?
  • Will they be able to give part of themselves to their clients?
  • Are they able to pay attention to other peoples needs?
  • Teaching is a selfless act. Will that make them happy?

Making a difference in someone’s life is amazing no matter how small. To have a successful business depends on the trainers. Do they have genuine concern for the clients, a strong knowledge of the human body, the desire to share what they know, the patience and empathy to let the clients move at their own pace. To design the correct program for the client requires training.

In the words of the late Bruce King (one of Joseph Pilate’s students)

“You have to tell them what you’re going to tell them, and then you have to tell them, and then you have to tell them what you told them, and then go back and rephrase it with love and patience.”

Bruce King

In most cases, your studio will be rather small to start. But what happens if it just keeps growing and growing? You’ll then have to plan for this exciting possibility. You’re thinking, it’s just Pilates, right?

However, you’re providing people with a workout and some cases, reconditioning. This discipline can be so many things to different people.

Will you specialize in the traditional methods? I suggest so – pure Pilates, developed by Joseph Pilates himself to challenge the muscles, knowing that for you, as for you, it would lead to perfect toning.

What type of training offered for the client?

Will private sessions only be offered?

Will mat classes be available?

Alternatively a combination of both.

Your studio may offer a variety of programmes.

  • Private one-on-one lessons
  • Duet lessons
  • Trio lessons
  • Posture awareness classes
  • Mat classes
  • Reformer classes
  • Magic circle classes
  • Wall unit classes
  • Ball classes
  • Wunda chair classes
  • Stretch classes
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