In order to make life easier for beginners, many teachers have devised diluted versions of the movements. There is a real place for this. There may be some people for whom physical constraints or medical conditions mean that they cannot progress onto pure pilates.

Joseph Pilates developed the movements to challenge the muscles, knowing that for you , as for him, it would lead to
perfect toning. The pure forms of the movements give you the best results as they are more intense.

For this reason I believe in the pure form. Although there is no one single right or wrong way to teach or practice pilates, it is these pure forms of movement that have stood the test of time. If we are physically capable we should aspire to achieve the original moves. Attaining good results will also involve understanding the principles, the vital elements that make the discipline what is is.

The specialist knowledge and background of the instructors determine how they interpret the pilates movements.It is a testament to the effectiveness of the original technique that so many others have learnt from it and gone to devise their own programmes.

Clara, Joe’s wife, continued to operate what was already known as the Pilates Studio in New York and Romana Kryzanowska, a former student who had been instructed by Pilates in the 1940s became its director in the 70s.

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